Marijuana’s Many Uses – From Consumption to Industrial


Our world is overrun by pollution, plastics, and general waste that is harmful to the very planet we live on. Marijuana has an incredible amount of uses, but the current “system” doesn’t want you to know them, they want you to keep buying their cheap to make, expensive to buy products that cause insane “side affects” to us, our families, and the planet. Pockets of plastics floating in the oceans, showing up in fish bellies and never decomposing, just breaking into smaller and smaller fragments. Oil spills and accidents destroying local ecosystems, smog over major cities that allow you to only see half of the buildings, people getting sick from weird diseases that never previously plagued previous, less damaging societies, the list of carnage continues at a staggering level of seriousness…. yet still, big business wants your money, they don’t care about all of that, they’re getting money, living the life, living the dream…. living. Seems that death, scarcity, depression, anger, broken homes, etc. is all caused by trying to get money, due to a lack of it. Our world has become “Money = Life,” and the people have been misled.

You can grow your own food, make your own medicine, life existed many, many years before the tyranny of money.

It’s time to take your life back, open your mind and learn the truth. They don’t want you to learn about marijuana’s incredible amount of uses! Why would you need to cut down trees if everything wood could be replaces with a wood replacement derived from marijuana? Goodbye logging companies, paper companies, ropes, etc. If oils from the plant could fuel your car, it could fuel almost anything we operate that uses combustion for motion. Goodbye Oil/Gas companies. If extracts from the marijuana plant can ease your pain, cure your disease, give you back your appetite and stimulate your life, while also relaxing you, focusing you, and allowing for a great sleep? Good buy Big-Pharma!

It goes on and on….

Marijuana can change the world. Knowledge is key, and we at Okanagan Medibles are gearing up to bring you a plethora of information, which will hopefully help the people of our planet to better understand this plant, and person by person, begin moving the populations of the world towards a cleaner, easier, healthier earth.

Join us if you support marijuana and let’s get started. Register today.


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