About Us

Originally, the plan was to become a medical marijuana edibles brand. We imagined baking, packaging, labeling, and shipping out Okanagan Medibles to dispensaries in order to provide excellent tasting foods while providing alternative methods of safer, smarter marijuana consumption, (not smoking/vaping.)

During research on building this business, we learned a few very key things that have changed the direction of our business goals.

  1. The current medical marijuana edibles are not priced fairly. You will find a single marijuana infused cookie, for $8 – $10.
  2. Most operations in Canada currently are not operating legally (according to next point below…)
  3. Health Canada told us there is no legal licensing for edible marijuana, therefore they can not be sold, rather people must buy their own marijuana extracts, and make their own. This was the message straight from the government.

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The thing is, Marijuana is simply a plant. You plant the seed, water it, and it will grow. With the proper care, it can flourish to an amazing medicine, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg… do you know how many things the male/female Marijuana plant is ACTUALLY good for?
Information about this plant must be properly understood by everybody in the world, it’s benefits are unimaginable, all of our problems, energy crisis, plastic wastes, clothes, paper, wood, oil… the list is ridiculous. With our company, we now plan to release the beast, and offer all the information and knowledge we can gather about the plant, and it’s thousands of uses, not just for ingestion and medication, but for industry and other uses, to show how just one plant, one realization, and one seed can literally change the world.

We plan to educate you.

*** Our business structure, plan, and everything in between is still in construction stages. Membership is currently free, however a paid subscription will soon be made available for premium offerings and much more!

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