Our Mission

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Education is key when it comes to marijuana. Our goal is to bring as much information and resources regarding marijuana and it’s consumption, it’s many uses, and safe practices. There are many, many businesses and companies emerging that are selling medical marijuana to patients at ridiculous prices. $8 – $10 per cookie is not uncommon. All of the products and extracts related to dry bud are overpriced, and all of the people buying from these companies are being (or will be) taken advantage of.

Marijuana is simply a plant. You plant the seed, water it, it grows.

Our mission is to educate you. You don’t need dispensaries for your medicine!

Learn about the marijuana growing processes, drying methods, safe ways to extract the resins from the buds, recipes you can cook on your own, without needing to pay $10 a cookie. We want you to understand the plant, cannabanoids, cooking and heat tolerance vs. THC activation, and everything in between.

Please see below an example “menu” of a few possible marijuana medicated food items that you can make on your own.

Medicinal Marijuana infused honey.


Medicinal Marijuana Brownies


Medicinal Marijuana infused coconut oil


Medicinal marijuana Rice Krispie treats


Medicinal Marijuana infused brownies (xtra strength)


The photos above are examples of future recipes to be released. Join our community and learn everything you can about the plant that nature intended.



Please note:
We do not sell marijuana. We are an information based community of marijuana supporters. We offer information and support regarding medical marijuana, recreational marijuana use, news and updates regarding marijuana laws, recipes and ways to learn how to do for yourself what the dispensaries want to get rich from.

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